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This sketchbook will also make you a confident artist. Mixing, brushing and rolling oils and acrylics, adding paint to previously painted areas.A die-cut out skin texture has been used to represent a realistic texture on the skin. I'm learning to draw and the first one is my dog. Some of the figures look a bit "Tombstone Western", with their high pointed hats, but that was more of a cultural thing than a "how do I draw a Western" thing, I suppose. It might be fun to create a pencil drawing of them like that, and make a painting of them later. Sometimes, if I'm struggling with something, I'll start with a sketch, which makes it easier to create. If a challenge is specific enough, I can draw it directly from an image. If it is more like the story, I'll just make the characters up as I go. I might struggle with the story or the idea first and then draw some characters later, and use them in the story. Even if a character has never been done before, I will often make it up as I draw it, to make sure that I have a good idea of what it will look like. If it is a character that I've done in the past, I'll come back to it and draw it over to help me to get a better idea. Characters that I've done in the past sometimes catch my eye and I think, "How can I make that work for me this time?" I can draw it in a way that would help me to do that. For the first two pages, I would try to find an angle of the characters that would allow me to draw them a bit easier. Sometimes it can be helpful to draw them facing towards me, to help me to better see their proportions. In the story, the characters don't usually look towards the audience, so it is harder to make them more interesting. I would add some extra lines to help to define shapes, and maybe add a few more elements. I would change the angles of my drawing to make it easier to draw them, and change the shapes of the characters. I would give them a more three-dimensional look and make sure that they are looking at the viewer. I would try to make sure that they are well balanced. I might draw them a bit further back in the room, to add some more space between them and the objects in the room. I would add some